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To make a long story short, there is a 16 year old girl who has made my mother her therapist, so I get to listen to all their gossip and talk.
  This girl is now 20 weeks pregnant from her 20 year old boyfriend, great future planning I know.
  Well recently this topic came up and I was curious about it, she is currently on her mothers insurance through work. She is CONSTANTLY in and out of the hospital and has been kicked out of several OBGYN offices, due to her refusing to eat or drink for attention and she gets kicked out for not allowing them to draw blood or urine for lab work.
Her and her boyfriend have decided that they are going to get married, here in the next 3 weeks, and she is just going to get medicaid because her mom is kicking her off her insurance.

Is it possible to get medicaid if you are basically near delivery already, got kicked off your insurance and keep getting kicked out of OBGYN offices and if you are married?

I keep telling them to wait till she has the baby to get married and remove herself from insurance but they are dead set on getting medicaid for the last month. We live in Texas if that helps.

The only factor that will determine whether your friend is eligible for Medicaid is her household income.  If she is under 18, by law her mother is still her legal guardian and considered her household unless she becomes emancipated by getting married. If she does get married before having the baby, then her and her husbands income will determine whether she can get Medicaid. The only way to be certain is for her to go as soon as possible so she can get the type of care she needs for her and the baby. Good luck!

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