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Essentially, I am a new recipient of Medicare that just took effect this month. I live in Texas. I have only Part A and Part B which was offered to me. I understand I may need more coverage but am not sure what kind to get or from whom. I am receiving many notices from companies like Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. wanting to sell me Part B supplemental insurance and the Part D that does not automatically come with Medicare. I do not know if I need Part D as I am not ill nor do I currently take any medications.

I know I have three months from now to decide on supplemental insurance but need to know that I am making the right choices. I live on a small Social Security income that has now been diminished even more with automatic withdrawals for Medicare. That hits hard on my pocketbook since I am retired. I feel I may need to go back to work just to be able to afford the extras in supplemental insurance and my other bills.

Do I really need any more than just Part A and Part B that Medicare is giving me now and if so, what other plan(s) should I purchase that would be very economical to me with my financial situation? Thank you for your kind reply.

Hello Tal.  Thank you for the question.  In my experience I have found that people on a tight income don't go to see a Dr. often if at all.  This may result in a faux feeling of good health and no medications.  This is one of the reasons I advocate for getting the best insurance you possibly can during your guaranteed enrollment period.  A Medicare Supplement F plan may feel pricey but with no deductibles or copays to worry about, you would be protected from any accident or illness that could wipe out your finances.  There are other plans as well, but none of the others have as good coverage.  Of course, Part D for drugs is necessary so you don't get penalized from Medicare for not having a plan.  You may qualify for Low Income Subsidy through Social Security to lessen your costs on a Part D plan.  But there are plans available for less than $20/mo.  You may use my link:  <>   to obtain a quote from a reputable agent in your area to fit your budget and needs.  I hope I've helped.  

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