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I am 64 years old and on Social Security on a widow's pension. I moved to Canada, a year ago, to marry a Canadian. I just finished applying, and being accepted, as a Permanent Resident. I now qualify for the free health care plan here that is supplied by the government.

Am I still liable to obtain health care in the USA, under the ObamaCare act or will my having healthcare here be sufficient? Will I still have to pay a penalty for not getting healthcare through that program?

When I turn 65, do I have to accept Medicare or can I deny the option? I will not be returning to live in the US, even upon my husband's death. I will continue living here.

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Hi Benni, in my opinion, if you will be filing taxes in the U.S., then you will need to provide proof of Canadian insurance so you won't be penalized under the Affordable Care Act.  As far as Medicare, you will not need or be allowed to have Medicare if you are a permanent resident of Canada.  I hope this helps.

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