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When I get Medicare, I will likely get a medigap plan and try to find the insurance company that offers the least expensive one, since I read that all the A-N plans are the same. But do most people get part D from the same company they get their medigap plan from? Sure would be easier than trying to find yet another company for that too.  Thanks

The best plan is Plan F. Do look into that one. Has the most comprehensive coverage. Not all companies offer Drug Plans. I would go to and look up the drugs that you take. That will help you decide on the plan. I personally use another company. I have AARP as my Medigap plan F and it has been terrific. I have never paid one penny out of pocket except foe the premiums and I have had multiple surgeries and rehab stays etc.

Congrats on getting to be 65. Medicare is the best present I think.


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