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QUESTION: I will turn 65 on July 19 of 2016, and understand I can apply for Medicare A & B between 3 months before and 3 months after.  But I'm confused about when to enroll in the stand alone part D drug coverage. I read that enrollment for that is October 15–December 7. But if I want to be covered starting Aug. 1, 2015 (when I plan to end my private health insurance plan), does that mean I have to enroll in part D by this Dec. 7, 2015? I don't see how I could, considering I won't be covered by parts A & B until summer of 2016.  Thanks

ANSWER: Lee, thank you for the question.  You should automatically get your Medicare card about 3 months before your birthday.  If you don't have it by the beginning of June, call Medicare or go to your local Social Security office to order it.  Your effective dates of Medicare will be July 1, 2016.  Therefore, you are entitled to an initial enrollment period for being new to Medicare.  That IEP is the 3 month before and after timing, to get a Medicare Supplement insurance policy and a Part D drug plan.  Now if you will be covered for an additional month to Aug. 1, then there's a little more work involved, but absolutely no problem.  I would be more than happy to assist you when the time comes, you can find me by doing a search.  I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Thanks Cindy, sorry but I get confused easily. If I'm automatically sent a Medicare card before my birthday, do I still need to enroll for parts A & B to make it active in July? And would I be safe in stopping my private health insurance plan on July 1st? But I read that for part D (and an advantage plan, which I don't think I want), you have to enroll between Oct 15- Dec 7. Or am I wrong on that and I can enroll for part D anytime between 3 months before and 3 months after my birthday? Thanks

ANSWER: Lee, sorry if I wasn't clear.  When Social Security sends you your Medicare card, that's it!  No enrollment necessary, both A & B will be effective July 1.  That's when your supplement and Part D will be effective also after being assisted by an agent (preferably me) to get those in place.  

You cannot do anything this open enrollment period because you don't have Medicare yet.

I always advise my clients to contact me when they receive their Medicare card to discuss their options for the insurance they need.  Hopefully I will hear from you in April or May.  There's nothing you need to do before that.

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QUESTION: Thanks, I do appreciate the help. I guess they don't like you posting your outside business info here, but I did  try looking you up up awhile back and only came up with a website I emailed you there but didn't get an answer. Is this the correct or only way to reach you, when the time comes to discuss my options?

What I'm still unclear on is if A & B start July 1, how will part D be effective then, if the enrollment period for part D is Oct 15- Dec. 7? Or do I have that wrong?

Lee, your email may have been buried, lol, but my phone number is on that site.  
Oct. 15 - Dec. 7 is only when you are an established Medicare recipient.  In your case, when someone turns 65 no matter when during the year, their Medicare effective date is the 1st day of the month in which they turn 65 and that triggers an Open Enrollment Period that allows you to buy your insurance, up to 3 months before.  Therefore everything is effective when it should be.  You need not concern yourself with this Annual Enrollment Period.

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