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QUESTION: If I have an elderly person entering a nursing home with private pay, why would he have to dis enroll from Humana first? If he is private pay then that should be sufficient shouldn't it?

ANSWER: Hi Kim, interesting question.  We're talking about two different things here.  I believe when you say 'private pay', that's just for the bed and care.  This person still needs medical insurance and depending on who is telling you he has to disenroll, the only thing I can think of is that Humana might have a Special Needs Plan in that county, which is designed to work when someone is in a nursing home, or other special needs criteria.  I wonder what they're telling you to replace Humana with for medical.

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QUESTION: The facility is telling me that he has to dis enroll.....they say they do not take Humana and if he went to the hospital for any reason they would not be able to accept him back.

OK Kim, then please use this link that will connect you with a licensed agent in your area to pick a different plan that will best suit his needs.  He'll have a Special Enrollment Period available to him.
I hope this helps.

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