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Hi, Ms Hicks. My husband was diagnosed stage 4 renal failure in Dec 2012.  He has been on dialysis since and is on the transplant list.  He has been out of work before and since the diagnosis; therefore, I've been the breadwinner with benefits.  One thing he does not have through me is life insurance.  Until recently, I thought that since he didn't have life insurance prior to the diagnosis, he would not "qualify."  I was advised to seek help to be sure of this.  Would he qualify for any type of life insurance?  We are very hopeful that he will receive a kidney in the next year or two, and he's only 41, so does that help his case?  We have two young children, and if it's true he could have ins even after his diagnosis, PLEASE advise me where to start.  Thank you so much for all you do for us web-folk.  :)

PS:  About how long does it take for Medicare to kick in after such a diagnosis?  It's been over two years and he's still waiting.  Last month, he had to send in another copy of his 2728 form but still nothing. We even called our state legislature, and, yes, he's still waiting for what he's told is entitled to him.

There are some life insurance companies that will insure him. Look up guaranteed life insurance. These policies do not require a doctors exam. Also, renal failure patients are automatically eligible for disability. In most cases, there is a 2 year waiting period for Medicare. I would continue to call them to check the status of his application. If that doesn't help you may have to get a lawyer involved.  

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