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Medicare starts in august  have enrolled in supplemental states that they will not pay for pre existing conditions for 90 days...i have been waiting for medicare to have my back checked out...pain lower....been hurting for 12 months...does this mean I'll have to wait 90 more days to have it looked at so it won't cost me an arm and a leg?? hope you can understand this...thanks for any info

Hi Bill, I tried to narrow down exactly what Michigan allows insurance companies to do.  I believe if you've seen a Dr. or had treatment within the prior 90 days to the start of your policy, then they can exclude services for that condition for the first 90 days.  91st day, you're good.  Now, Medicare covers you from day one, there's no pre-ex clause, but you'd have to pay the coinsurance if the insurance company won't.  I hope this helps.  

Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health Insurance

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