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I owed a balance of about $40 to a physician I had not paid from previous visits I had been making a monthly payment to them but when I had another appointment before I left a billing assistance person called me into her office about my balance I told her I was trying to pay it that I have a fixed disability income but had made payments on it She then told me that my Medicare coverage could be cancelled or taken away for not paying the other 20% of the medical bill I just want to know if this is true??? I feel like she was threatening me but was curious about it please help thank you

Hi Mandy!

Medicare does require you to pay your copay to a provider if they make payment however if it is a hardship for you and you can prove it Medicare also has a hardship waiver that could reduce or erase your copay.

I don't think Medicare would cancel your Medicare coverage if you are making an attempt to pay a copay.  I guess they could legally however I have been in the medical collections business for 25 years and never heard of that ever happening.

Check the Medicare website for your region and see if you can apply for a hardship.  

Good Luck!

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Has your medical insurance company denied your claim and refuses to pay? Have you received a pre-authorization and still your insurance company refuses to pay? How can you get your insurance company to reverse a denied claim? How do you get a provider to waive your copayment if you are financially unable to pay? Can a provider sue you for a unpaid bill and will they? Can a provider send me to a collection agency for a medical bill? If my insurance company does not pay, am I responsible? If you have these questions or others on why your insurance company is not paying your bills, I can help. I can give you "tricks of the trade" to get your insurance company to pay. I have limited knowledge on Medicare and Medicaid and that is not my expertise. Each state is very different regarding Medicare and Medicaid so you need to review their website when you have questions. So please no Medicare or Medicaid questions!!


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