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Ms. Hopp,

I hope that you can help me, or direct me to someone who can help me... And, I thank you in advance for any information you could provide.

I am turning 65 in about a month (Oct. 6, 2015). At present I am disabled, and have Medicare Parts A and B. And, of course, receive mailings literally every day from someone wanting to sell me a Medicare Supplement Policy... However, I am also covered 100% by the Veteran's Administration, as I am a disabled veteran... But, there are no veteran's facilities closer than 70 miles to me, as I live in a small rural town in Oklahoma, and the nearest VA facility is an outpatient clinic in Tulsa, where I go on scheduled appointments every 6 to 9 months to see my "primary doctor". For anything of any importance they send me to the VA Hospital in either Muskogee, or the one in Oklahoma City, both of which are well over 100 miles from my home... And I am sure you are aware that to get an appointment with any VA medical facility to see a doctor, takes time... So, for any emergencies I go to the local hospital here in my town, and use my Medicare... If it is something of any import I have them stabilize me, then send me to the nearest VA Medical Hospital... And for smaller things, like the flu I had last year, I simply used the local hospital emergency room (because I didn't have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get in and see a doctor), and then I simply paid the balance out of my own pocket after Medicare paid what it would. But, these "smaller issues" are very few and far between.

Now, I am turning 65......and I have high blood pressure, heart problems, prostate cancer (which is "Hopefully cured" after Brachy Therapy), as well as a few other "medical issues".

My main question is this: Would I be well advised to take a "Medicare Supplement Policy"? ... The VA covers me for pretty much everything, including prescriptions... However...were I to develop some form of "full blown" cancer, such as lung cancer, etc., requiring a "specialty hospital" and/or specialized care, would it be in my best interest to have a Medicare Supplement...or would it be just a waste of money that would be better spent on other things? ... Another 100+ dollars per month out of our budget, which is what pretty much all the policies would cost, is alot of money to a fella living on Social Security disability and a small VA payment, and trying to feed and pay bills for himself and a wife.

Just for the information...My wife lives with me, and stays home to take care of me, and drive me where I need to go, as my eyes prevent me from doing much driving any more...and she is still several years from being able to collect Social Security herself.

I have tried to ask these questions of several people who carry/sell Medicare supplement policies... And, they have all told me that "Yes, I did need it." ... And, of course, they all also told me that the specific Medicare Supplement Plan I needed just happened to be the very one they were selling... So, you can understand my skepticism.... I just would like to get answers to my questions from someone that I can put faith in, and believe, from someone who is not "trying to sell me their policy".

I hope you can understand my situation, and can help me.

Thank You,


Hi Joe, thank you for the question, and I understand.  I have some clients that were in a similar situation and were delighted that I showed them the need for a Medicare Supplement when they found themselves in dire medical need and could go to the nearest facility, one literally to save his life.  I know the $100/mo. or so could be a burden, but this type of insurance allows you to see any doctor that accepts Medicare without worrying about networks like you would with a Medicare Advantage plan.  And for that monthly payment, there wouldn't be any deductibles or copays, the F Plan.  Except of course for your VA prescriptions.  
In short, I think it is wise.

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