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QUESTION: hi..i am trying to retire next year at age 62. and have been told that to get medicare, you have to pay for it.  is that true?  how much does it cost per month? thank you!

ANSWER: Hi James.........You have to be 65 to receive Medicare unless you are disable and even then there are certain requirements.  I copied information regarding the age requirements below.

"Medicare, one of the federal government’s largest programs, provides health care benefits primarily to elderly people. The usual age of eligibility for those benefits is 65, although certain people qualify for the program earlier. (Medicare is available to people under age 65 who have been eligible for Social Security disability benefits for at least 24 months or who have end-stage renal disease.)"

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QUESTION: well, if you are 65 and get medicare, do you have to pay premiums for it? thanks!

Yes you have to pay for Medicare Insurance however very low compared to regular policies.

Part A is usually free if you have worked the last 10 years.  Part B there is a cost and it is around $105-$110 usually increases each year.  Part D also has a cost around $40-$45.

So for Part A (hospital), Part B (durable medical coverage) and Part D (prescriptions) your cost would be around $150.00 a month.

There is a low deductible that also changes yearly around $166 and Medicare only pays 80% of a fee schedule amount leaving you a copay of 20%.

Medicare has a lot of rules and regulations though that you can find out on their site.  

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