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Hello, I have a $1300 deductible HSA with Anthem BC/BS through my employer. In April 2016 I had a procedure performed by an in-network provider. There were also ultrasounds and follow-up appointments. The office person asked for payment up front on several occasions and I obliged for a total of $1500.

As far as I know, I'm done with appointments and payments.

I'm not very knowledgeable about terminology used in billing. My question is, how can I be sure the billing statements are correct? Is there a system in place to make sure patients aren't overcharged?

Thanks, John

Hi John,

Best thing to do is to ask the Dr for a copy of all your bills and review each one with explanation of benefits from your insurance company.  Many insurance companies now allow you to view and print on line their payments.

Definitely double check since many Dr's office estimate your charge and you may have paid to much.

Good luck!


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