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I am a teacher, and also an author of children's books and YA Novels.  I am pretty knowledgeable about medieval times, but there are some questions I have about general life.  I know this is slightly outside your time period of expertise, but I believe the answer may not have changed overly in 100 years: In and around the 1300s, would page boys and squires have walked or would they have been granted horses to use if they knight they serve goes on a journey to a tournament in another town.  We are assuming they would have to travel for days or weeks.  I was explaining to my students about page boys and squires, and the process/learning they had to go through to become a knight.  My other question was if they did go visiting in someone else's castle with the knight, where would they be housed?  I would assume in the keep, but would the page and or squire have been given their own room, or would they stay in the same chamber as the knight, as household handmaids would have?  Or, would there be some king of dorm, or would the squires and pages for the knight be roomed together?  Would it still be in the keep with the knight? Thank you so much for your help, these are questions I couldn't answer that came up in my class.

Hello Heather,
Since a squire was of noble birth, he would probably have been afforded good accommodations in proximity to the knight and may have owned a horse.  It is difficult to say, depending on whether his family held property/other wealth, or titles only. As well, the firstborn son inherited and controlled the family's wealth, so his birth order mattered.  You may find this website helpful:

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I have a degree in History, with additional credits in related as well as other topics.

I have a degree in History, with additional credits in related as well as other topics.

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