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hey jay !
i have heard people talking about benefits of medetation . i have seen people sitting eyes closed.
plz guide me what meditation exactly is and how to do it . plz provide me every information about meditation

Hi, Nikhil.

Meditation is a simple thing. It just means becoming still in the body - usually by sitting down - and becoming still in the mind - which means letting go of our usual activity to accomplish some goals or to change what is happening to us.

Then, it may be possible just to notice what is happening inside us without trying to change it. It may also be possible to notice the world around us but usually there is so much noise inside us that we don't see or feel or hear the world around us.

Because it is not easy to simply listen to what we are, there are many meditation traditions that give you something to do to make you feel that you are doing something. These traditions also give you wonderful ideas about what you can achieve with meditation, so that you will have the feeling that you are doing something worthwhile.

I agree that it is very helpful to sit quietly and hear what you are and what the world is. But you don't have to know very much about it or even anything about it. You will find out for yourself. It is only necessary to realize that we almost never listen to ourselves or to the world and that of course if do not listen to ourselves and to the world carefully, then our lives will be full of problems because we don't know ourselves.

I hope that helps for now.


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From nearly 30 years of personal meditative work, I am interested in exploring together the deeper concerns of our lives. How can we shed light on these concerns for ourselves - directly, clearly, moment by moment? At the same time, how can we come in touch with the simple beauty and affection of live that reveals itself from time to time even though our lives often feel anything but simple, beautiful or loving. If you have a question, I will try to work with you to clarify and explore it. Note that I change private questions to public so they are available to others. If you have something that is truly private, let me know.


Close to 35 yrs experience in spiritual, meditative inquiry, first in the Zen tradition and later through direct inquiry rather than traditional practice. I have attended retreats and worked with Toni Packer, of the Springwater (NY) Center for Meditative Inquiry and am interested in the work of J. Krishnamurti, who also worked with people in direct, personal meditative inquiry.

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