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Dear Sir.

I am James
I am 21

This is my second question for you.

** I need to know that Can I do different meditation in one day and continuously ??

For example think Tomorrow
Mindfulness for 1 hour (8 Am -9 Am)
Mantra meditation for 1 hour (11 Am - 12 Am)
Imagination for 1 hour (1.30 Pm - 2.30 Pm)
Om Mani Padme hum meditation 1 hour (3 Pm - 4 Pm)
Mindfulness for 1 hour (5 Pm - 6 Pm)

I need to do all in Full next month.
I have started Mindfulness and Om Mani Padme hum.

I have very very very bad mental problems,
Anxiety, depression, fear, Social phobias,fear of life, fear of faces, fear of Blonde hair,fear of death and lonely unhappy many more.Recent added one is live in next life after death.

And my self esteem level is zero.
No confidence. I am so unhappy.

Please help me to heal myself.

This is very urgent and very very important to my life.

I cannot live like this.

Please help me.

I have full time in a day.
I have nothing to do.
But after January I cannot have full time.
* So time is very important.

This December I must change my mind to face the outside world.I cannot hide under the bed anymore. I have to achieve my desires and I feel I will fail soon.

Please tell me.

** Is my meditation programme is good or bad ??
** How do I keep empty mind ??
I am swimming in thoughts
(Only little stable when focus on breath)

** If I unable to one meditation in a day will it become useless ??  (Think I have to go to hospital)

** Mindfulness is think about breath and keep concentration on it...and stay away from other thoughts ??

I need 36,38,39,40,43,in this website.
Those numbers are very very important to me.
And I also need other things too.

Please help me to build my life.

***Sir, Please use simple English,
I am not native Speaker.

Thank you very much.

Hello, again.

I don't know what you should do. But I suggest a few things.

Be patient with everything. The only thing that is important is this moment. Observe this moment carefully, patiently, sensitively. Do not try to change this moment. This moment is showing you something about yourself.

This moment does not depend on time. You do not have to try hard to be with this moment. You do not have to concentrate on this moment.

Be patient with thoughts, with confusion, with sadness. If these feelings and thoughts are in you at this moment, listen to them careful, the same way you would listen if a friend of yours was in a bad situation and wanted you to listen to him or her. These feelings and thoughts are part of you but they are not the wholeness of you. Listen to the thoughts and feelings with great compassion.

We only suffer from thoughts and feelings because we do not take time to listen to them compassionately. Difficult things take time to unfold. Be patient. Do not expect difficult things to go away quickly. If something is still difficult in you, listen to it with more sensitivity, more interest, more patience, and more compassion.  This is the work that needs to be done by all human beings. You are not alone. When you can listen to difficult things in yourself with stillness and compassion, you are helping other human beings do this too.

If you can take a lot of time in December to sit quietly, that is nice. I suggest that you keep your schedule simple and be patient with yourself. I strongly suggest that you forget about concentration and mantras for a month. Just sit still in order to hear, feel, see, what is going on. At first, you may just feel confusion. Your thoughts may be wild. Maybe that is necessary.  Who knows? It that is what is happening, then there is a reason for it.

Do not try hard to do something about yourself or about your meditation. Life is trying to help you. Life is all around you and life is inside you. Everything happening in you is life. The thoughts are the movement of life. The feelings of sadness are the movement of life. The desires are the movement of life. Let life do what it needs to do. You do not need to know what to do. You do not need to control or change things when you sit or walk quietly. Life knows what to do and how to heal itself. Let life do what it needs to, even if you are surprised and confused.

Be very, very gentle with yourself. Look at yourself like you are a little baby, who needs quiet and rest and good simple food and fresh air. Look at yourself like you are the most beautiful thing in the world. Hold your own hand and encourage yourself when things are difficult. It is just Life that is filling you with patience and love and helping you to open yourself when there is pain and difficulty.

I hope this is helpful for now. It would be nice if you can find a group of people who meditate simply, as I said in my first answer. It is easier to sit when there are other people. But if you don't find other people, then the flowers and trees and the sunshine will help you. Do not forget about them.


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