My whole life ive always thought that i am somewhat of an advanced breed almost not like an average human. ive always been super creative and always asked the question why never listening to others until i am fully satisfied with what they have to say. Ive had many psychic moments and have had very insightful dreams which included previous lifes and visions. also throughout my life i have had spiritual epiphanies which have led to making theories and such like the levels of conciousness, the concept of jesus, the planet nibiru, and such all found in the spirit science video. With the equinox coming up ive been wondering what i am what im here for. ive always thought and known that i have a purpose and im on this earth for a special reason and im going to bring forth change in people and ive been told i lighten up a room with just my presence. im very happy and it takes quite abit to deter me from what i stand for and i am a very spiritual person. My mind is never stopped unless i am meditating. I have had experiences where i have somewhat "controlled" others and took them over making them do whatever i may think of both were daughters of my friends but i had complete control. so recently i tried it out on a good friend of mine. i focused all of my energy onto him and he said that i had appeared to of aged alot gaining wrinkles and that i had very large yellow eyes with a very dark skin that was so dark it almost had a blueish hue, he instantly backed away from me and said the had the chills and had expierenced some sort of feeling he has never felt but he described the fear as internal and that he wasnt afraid of me but yet he was scared of being overtaken. I dont know what this could mean but i was onto something and if this didnt happen i am convinced i couldve gained access into him maybe this is because he is my age and not under the age of 7. IF this has any sort of meaning if i am some reincarnation of some being and what i should do to get my change across and how to live the purpose? but i have recently been starting to feel more spirtually inclined everyday. i hope that an expert such as yourself can do something or explain to me why i am so different than others and i am more than willing to do anything you can possibly think why. i cannot wait till your email back and i hope you can help me out. thank you very much.

Hey Nolan, IMHO, any kind of psi or spiritual ability without love is pretty meaningless. These aren't my words. It's advice stemming back to St. Paul of the New Testament. Check this out:

I think the fact that you are asking someone about your experiences is healthy. We often need feedback from others to make sure we don't get off course. Speaking of which, I'm not convinced that trying to control others is healthy.

I really hope this helps. You might consider finding someone in your local area whom you can talk to. As I say, seekers usually need to compare notes with other seekers to make sure they don't get off track.


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I'd prefer to answer questions from seekers rather than those wishing to get into in an academic debate. I do, however, have a considerable degree of scholarly knowledge that may be applied to the inherent complexities - or simplicities - of the contemplative life. But the key word here is "applied."

I tend to agree with these sentiments as expressed by the woman writer on mysticism, Evelyn Underhill:

"Now meditation is a half-way house between thinking and contemplating: and as a discipline, it derives its chief value from this transitional character."

Source: Practical Mysticism: A little book for normal people (1914), p. 46.

Moreover, I strongly believe that all persons possess an essential individuality--not just a superficial, conceptual or constructed sense of individuality. So if you're looking to lose your essential self in 'nothingness,' please ask another expert. I don't believe in that idea.


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