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im having big belly fat.i have trim my tummy , as well as i could able to concentrate in my meditation due to my physical fitness.
i want to medtate in vajrasana, and danurasana how to improve the passion on this position,

same time i want to give practice to my tummy, like nauli, utiyana i have to do, so that my stomach process will do good. my stomach is concentration diverter. the chemical process in my mind stomach disturbs my concentration

I apologize for I could not answer in time.

I conclude that you need to increase your concentration as well as reduce your tummy. I may inform you that the meditation is the process of redirecting your awareness to higher consciousness and not related with the physical process of your body. I recommend not to focus on stomach process while doing meditation in vajrasana, padmasana, sukhasana or simply sitting that should be static posture and not dynamic.

Try to do one thing once. If you practice dhanurasana, do not think of meditation just be aware of breathe and stretches on the parts of the body which are involved during the posture. Synchronise awareness and breathing with the posture only then you will enjoy the postures and get the benefit.

I hope that I have been able to answer your query. If you need more clarifications, please feel free to write to me.

With regards,

Gulshan Kumar


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