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QUESTION: Hi Reed, I feel most of my chakras are very dirty and blocked. I also feel I am emitting a low vibration. Please instruct me on how to cleanse each chakra and raise my personal vibration? Also is it possible that you can open a portal in the spirit realm by talking to too many psychics that then lets in unclean spirits or entities? Thanks so much for your help !

ANSWER: Hi Sophia,

Chakras are associated with your life force and if anyone of them were totally blocked, you would not be emailing me a question. The reason they are partially blocked is also linked to them being what you call “dirty.”  The dirt and blockage is not physical, but is negative unloving energy that belongs to you as well as others that you have attachments to. Every time you are in denial of expressing your true intuition, feelings and emotions, just to be nice, kind, caring, sharing, understanding, co-operative, etc, etc… you create unloving energy that has nowhere to go but back to the chakra(s) it belongs to, as well as being manifested in the physical body.

You raise your vibration by loving yourself, by being real and not like I said, nice, kind, caring, sharing, understanding, co-operative, etc, etc..

Re: portal… yes and no.. By that I mean that yes, you can open yourself to the Spirit realm, including what you call “unclean” Spirits, but that is not bad… Think of the unclean Spirits and your issues with your chakras. What is good about it is that you are in a state of what I call the “quickening”, not awake, but in the process of awakening..  Now what you do with this quickening will determine if you awaken fully or not.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to help yourself, you may be interested in downloading my free Ebook on using Meditation as a tool for healing and Self-empowerment, at  If you have any other questions, you know where you can reach me.


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QUESTION: Hi Reed, just wondering what you meant by quickening? And what can i do to fully awaken myself? Also I've heard of something i think is called vipassanna meditation...... How does this help people? And i assume that whatever spirits I've let on through a portal are not good because i have alot of bad or strange dreams. Thanks again, Reed

Hi Sophia,

By “quickening, “I mean that you are becoming aware that something is not right…  but you don’t really know what it is or what to do about it.. Once you know what it is and what to do, then you are awakening. It’s like when you are sleeping and you scratch at an itch. You don’t know what it is, only that it bothers you. NOW, if you intend to know what it is, then you wake up and find that it is a hair or a thread or insect, and you make planes on dealing with it.
Present forms of Eastern meditations like the vipassanna meditation, are all based in denial. If you go to my website link that I gave you, you will see why they don’t promote self empowerment and healing.

Whatever you have let through is exactly what you needed to allow you to become aware of the different energies. Now as to the dreams, you need to go into them to see what it is that bothers you and why, and then to dig deeper.. Nothing happened without a good reason, as there are no coincidences...



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