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I've been meditating for almost 6 years now, yet, I'm not that disciplined to the practice. My favorite meditation is the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga meditation, I've also practiced meditation which I have been taught by buddhist monks, focusing on the breathing. It's great, all meditation practices are great and it helps you find the inner treasures.

So, my question is why when I meditate I sometimes feel that I'm spinning around, bliss all over my back, spine and the rear of my back? Most of the time when I meditate I don't even feel my hands, sometimes I reach a stage where by I don't even feel my whole body, I just feel a mass of energy around me and if there are any noise, the less noisy ones are well detected with ears and I can know where are they coming from, am I on the right track of meditation practice? If Yes, how can I bring it forward and help me in my life (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and materially)?

Last but not least, using mind entrainment programs for meditation, is it good? Thank you.

Dear Karume,

I am happy to read your question and to try my best to answer the same. I am also impressed by your favour for Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation and experience in Buddhist Meditation. During deep meditation, our consciousness shifts from that of physical body to subtle body (pranayamay kosha) and so, we lose consciousness of physical parts of the body even and feel what you have mentioned. It is positive indication of your successful meditation.

You mentioned that you have inclination towards Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation and so, you may be aware of their basic course which indicates our constitution as physical body, subtle body and soul. In Brahmakumaris Raja Yoga System of Meditation, we practice to be in consciousness of Light Body as well as point of light living in the physical body. Since you have experienced this in your meditation, extend this experience or feeling during deep meditation through out your whole day in normal consciousness, it will definitely help in your spiritual upliftment and so, consequentially, emotional, mental physical and material benefits, as you will develop all the eight spiritual powers and stability of your mind and intellect alongwith positive transformation of sanskaras.

Mind entertainment program for meditation should let you get in peace and change your consciousness to the real one. If there are spiritual drills in the program to experience the consciousness of light body consciousness, develop your spiritual powers, etc., then it is o.k.

I think that I have been able to satisfactorily reply. You may feel free to write to me for further discussions on the subject.

With regards,

Gulshan Kumar


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