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Dear Jay Cutts.

I just want to ask a question, why I do see faces of happy/calm people looking at me (children, men and women) when I meditate or dosing? People I never saw in my life. What is this phenomena?  I see them very clearly for a short period of time (around 5 seconds maximum)...and sometimes, I do see my own face, but this is very rare...

Karume Asangama.

Hi, Karume.

You are wondering why you see an image of a pleasant face at certain relaxed times. It's not so strange, really. When we see a pleasant face in reality, the brain is able to record the image. Later on, when the brain is not engaged in any particular activity, the brain plays the image back and we briefly see a pleasant face. Most likely the face we see is not a particular person but a composite of different people. The  visual image is accompanied by pleasant feelings in the body. When we are babies, it is very important for us to see the friendly, smiling face of our mother. It is somehow helpful for our little nervous systems.

This playing back of a pleasant face may be a healing response of the brain. The important thing is that for this to happen, there must be some time when we are not requiring the brain to do its usual work. This is true for much of the internal healing that we need. It is important to have lots of time when the brain is not engaged in any particular activity and yet we are awake. Of course, sleeping has its own healing effect but for other kinds of healing it is important that we be awake and yet quiet.

It's nice that you experience pleasant faces.

I don't know if I have addressed your concern. Feel free to write back.


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