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I've been trying to meditate on awareness of my breath. I've been doing it on and off with successs.
When I started again recently I started to feel pressure in my head which grows as I meditate. It starts as soon I start meditating and it starts diminishing when I stop. What's going on?

Dear mohammad,

I can only give advice about the mental technique known as transcending (learned through Transcendental Meditation or Natural Stress Relief). This limitation is in the text you were shown when you asked your question.

If you were practicing transcending, then I would say these were perfect symptoms of what happens when one adds effort to the practice (usually because one is trying to achieve some goal, such as inner silence or happiness).

But, since you are practicing another technique (breath awareness), I can't really give you any advice. It's outside of my area of expertise. Ask someone here who is an expert in that technique.

All I can advise is for you to learn transcending; proper instruction will clear up problems like this right away.

I hope this helps. Best of luck.

David Spector
Natural Stress Relief/USA


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