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Hello David,
I've been doing some mindfulness exercises for the past few days and I was wondering if focusing on a mental image (like a candle or a flower) or a constant humming sound is just as good as focusing on my breath? I'm asking because i've noticed it is much easier for me to stay focused on these things rather than on my breath. Is their a focus object that is better than others to get better results or as long as I focus on something i'm fine?
Kind regards

Carl, Thank you for your question.

The whole idea of focusing on an object is worthless, in my opinion as a meditation teacher (since 1972). It is unnatural, essentially difficult, and produces nothing of any worth. It often results in headaches or insomnia. Even if it succeeds, then all you have achieved is identification with an object.

We have already learned to identify with our body and mind. As if that isn't bad enough (our true nature is pure consciousness), we are told to focus on a candle flame, or on breathing. What can that do? It can make us into a candle, or attach us to our breathing. How can that be of any benefit?

If you believe that mindfulness or any other form of concentration produces some good, then seek an answer from one of the mindfulness teachers here. I will not support such nonsense. I teach only transcending, which is easy and effortless, and produces deep rest, eliminates stresses, and develops consciousness.

I hope this brief answer has helped. Please feel free to submit follow up questions, if needed.

David Spector


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