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QUESTION: Hello. If you would please consider not using my full name in your response, that would be great.

I try to meditate, but am not getting expected results. I empty my mind and focus on my chest or third eye area, counting to give me something to focus on so my mind doesn't wander. Sometimes I see nonsense images and last night a heard a name I don't know and got the impression of a Chinese man (I am not Chinese).

I am also concerned about being influenced or overcome by an evil spirit, though I surround myself with a bright white light while meditating.

Can you please help me? Thank you for your time!"

ANSWER: Tynan, Thank you for your question.

I don't recommend emptying the mind, focusing on chest or third eye, counting, keeping the mind from wandering, surrounding yourself with light of any particular color or intensity, or otherwise trying to manipulate your experience. None of these practices do anything positive for life, and some can make your internal stress worse, or at least delay releasing it for months or years.

Improvement of life (or spiritual progress) cannot come with random practices like these. We all want peace and happiness in our lives, but these are not ways of making this happen.

I can give advice about natural methods of meditation only, and indeed I have taught transcending for the last ten years.

Yes, I can help you. But only if you are at a stage in your life where you are willing to listen and follow instruction. Few people are at this stage. You need to take a real course of instruction, and if you refuse then you are not yet ready for my help.

I hope this brief answer has helped. Please feel free to submit follow up questions, if needed.

David Spector

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QUESTION: I am ready as this is not working for me. If you could please provide a brief answer on how you approach the beginning stages of meditation vs. what I described, it would be helpful. Along with additional information on the subject.

Also, if you could please edit my name out of your response, it would be appreciated (if you are able). I have a unique name and prefer to keep my internet activities private for autonomy.

Dear Anonymous,

I have no ability to edit the questions or the answers here at AllExperts. I am given a text box in which I can type my answer to you, and then the text I have typed is emailed to you. If you marked this consultation as Private then no one else can see this material. If you did not, then anyone can see this material as the result of a search operation.

I believe that the only worthwhile "beginning stage of meditation" is to take a good course in learning a natural and effective type of meditation. I am president of NSR/USA, a nonprofit organization that distributes self-learning materials for NSR, which is such a course. I am not paid for any of my work (I am a retired software engineer and trained meditation teacher).

In NSR, clients learn how to think a special thought called a mantra. This thought is completely effortless and automatic. Its purpose is to settle the mind, so that thinking becomes more abstract and quiet. When the finest impulse of thinking is transcended, we experience our own true nature as pure consciousness. The mantra itself disappears during the process of transcending; the heart of transcending is the fourth state of consciousness, which is almost unknown in the world today (the other three states are waking, dreaming, and sleeping).

Corresponding to this experience of transcending in the mind, the body experiences a state of deep rest (sometimes called samadhi, satori, turiya, etc.) that allows the nervous system to dissolve and eliminate deep-rooted stresses that have accumulated over our lifetime, due to overloads of experience.

This entire process of transcending takes only a minute or two and is repeated many times within each meditation session. It is completely spontaneous, enjoyable, and automatic. We practice this technique for 15 minutes twice a day while sitting with the eyes closed in a comfortable chair.

As a result of this profound experience of 'restful alertness' twice a day, we drop our worries about problems and begin to enjoy peace, happiness, productivity, and harmony in all aspects of our daily life.

A full description of NSR, as well as an order form, are available at . Note that we charge less than anyone else for this knowledge: just enough so people value what they receive and will actually take the course.

There are six lessons in the NSR course, which are taken twice a day for three days. Once you have taken the course, four ongoing support methods, both free and low-cost, are available whenever clients have questions.

I hope you are ready to let go of stress and problems, and enjoy a full and happy life. If so, I invite you to learn NSR.

David Spector (volunteer)
Natural Stress Relief/USA


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I can answer questions about life lived free from stress, and on techniques used to transcend thinking, gain deep rest, and eliminate stress stored in the nervous system, including: how they work, their benefits, and how to learn them. I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation for 45 years, and was made a TM teacher in 1972. I currently teach Natural Stress Relief (NSR).


I am President of Natural Stress Relief/USA (NSR/USA). I distribute the English hardcopy version of the NSR self-instruction learning materials. I am a former teacher of Transcendental MeditationŽ (TMŽ), having been trained in the 1971-1972 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for eight months in residence. I currently teach NSR.

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