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Can meditation make someone no longer feel alone? Feel as accompanied as if everyone was there?

Are any sicknesses cured with meditation?

Hi, James.

The issue of feeling alone is an important one, isn't it? And when you say "feel as accompanied as if everyone was here" I think you must have experienced this at some times or you wouldn't be able to say that.

It's true that sometimes there is a feeling of connectedness. Yes, the feeling that everything is right here, including people.

The mystery is why does it feel like that sometimes and not other times. As far as I can tell, there is no instant cure or fix that will make me feel connected all the time. What's important is to watch this whole thing very carefully and patiently and lovingly, especially when there is the feeling of being separated and alone.

We can watch how the thinking affects this. If I have to leave someone I like, I may go away feeling some sense of separating, losing something, but this feeling by itself doesn't last very long. However, if I go home and start thinking over and over why did this person make me leave, how can I get them to keep my around, why does everyone always leave me, what's wrong with me that I feel so lonely, and so on, then I begin to feel worse and worse as the thoughts go around. If I notice this, I may start to wonder what's going on here really? And I can start to notice the feelings in the body and the emotions and I can watch what happens to them if I'm not interfering.

Even the feeling of being completely and absolutely alone is not what we think it is. If one sits with this aloneness and really opens to it, you may find a depth that was not noticed before. And you may discover that there is connection in unexpected ways.

So the best place to work with this issue is when there seems to be a dissatisfactory feeling of aloneness and watching carefully how it unfolds, what it is, and even who this being is that is experiencing all of this. This inquiry and interest and curiousity is actually the functioning of an energy that includes everything. Sometimes we see the connection. Sometimes it's invisible. But what's important is the interest in what is happening right now - inside this body/mind complex and in the vast field of life that holds this body/mind.

I don't know if this makes sense.

As for your question about sickness, in my experience this entering into a meditative interest in what is going on is by definition healing. However, I can't make any claims that any particular illness may be cured by this. But the deep traumas that we carry around can open up and heal if given enough time and interest.

Please feel free to write back if you have some questions or if something wasn't too clear.

Best wishes,


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