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Hello. I was wondering if you could help me understand something that happened  to me in meditation. I had never meditated before but I read a book about it and decided to give it a try. About 10 minutes into it i stopped thinking and tasted feeling really good. This kept getting better and better until about 15 minutes into it was in absolute bliss.

The bliss only lasted a few minutes then I felt like I was falling and I was "back in my head" thinking again.

Do you know what this is/was?

James, Thank you for your question.

Most people practice meditation using methods that do not work. This is why for most people meditation seems difficult, full of obstacles.

You practiced innocently, free of effort. Therefore, your meditation worked, in spite of your never having "learned" it.

You experienced the natural process of transcending thinking. This process is one of "diving within" until the very source of thought is reached.

The source of thought is different from thought. It is pure consciousness, free of any thought.

The characteristics of the state of being immersed in our true nature as pure consciousness are primarily peace and happiness. This is indeed exactly what you experienced.

This fourth state of consciousness has been called various exotic names, such as samadhi , but it is actually spontaneous and natural. The world is mostly ignorant of this truth.

When we have spent a few seconds or minutes in pure consciousness, the nervous system experiences a deep state of rest that allows it to begin dissolving and eliminating the many stresses that have accumulated during our lifetime due to overloads of experience.

When a stress releases, we again experience a bit of the original experience that caused it, perhaps years ago, perhaps earlier today.

When a stress releases, thoughts are experienced. Thoughts, memories, and feelings are some of the side effects of stress release.

These side effects pull you out of the peace and happiness of pure consciousness back to the waking state.

You will find that trying to get back to that state of peace and happiness becomes difficult, because of this phenomenon of stress release, and because of our habit of putting effort into our goal-directed activities.

For this reason, you (and everyone else in the world) should take a course in transcending, so you know what you are doing and how to do it. Then maximum progress toward a better life can be made quickly.

One source of knowledge about how to practice transcending is the organization I volunteer for, NSR/USA. Our website,, should be read from cover to cover so you have all the information about our course that you need.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide continuing support for those who have not taken the course, as I would be repeating myself in depth with each person wanting that support. Our method of teaching scales up to reach everyone on earth.

I highly recommend taking the course, which is sent to you for use by you in your own home. It requires no belief or changes in lifestyle, is not religious, and is effective and complete. There are no advanced courses to keep you spending money, and the course itself costs almost nothing. NSR organizations are nonprofit and run by volunteers like me.

I hope this answer has helped. Please feel free to submit follow up questions, if needed.

David Spector
Natural Stress Relief/USA


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