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So annoyingly...almost all mainstream brands of jeans (or jeans that I like) here in Australia (and many overseas) have stopped making jeans with a 35 inch waist/size 35. That just happens to be my exact size...meaning a 34 is plainly too tight and a 36 is too loose.

I've never had jeans altered/tailored I'm wondering if doing this might be a good solution?

I mean, if I just buy a size 36 in Levi's for example, but keep the inseam as per my usual (a 34 in my case)...then would that pair of jeans be exactly like a pair of size 35 jeans after having the waist taken in? Or would there be other dimensions besides just the waist and inseam that the manufacturers increase along with the listed waist size of the jeans (ie would more fabric be used, would the jeans be slightly looser/wider/longer in some ways etc) and what would the result be like?

I looked into getting jeans tailor-made from scratch, but in Australia this is far above what I can afford, the bare minimum being about $350 for a pair. Plus I like actually being able to go into a store and be able to see what a cut of jeans looks like on me first.

Thanks in advance for your help/advice!

I think you will find our custom tailoring services of great interest.
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Kind regards,

Richard D

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