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I recently had dress pants dry cleaned and pressed by my local dry cleaner.  The crease on the back of the pants came up the seat all the way to the pockets.  This looked odd to me so I ask the dry cleaner not to run the crease over the seat of the pants. They felt I was wrong and the crease should in fact come up the seat, a few inches down from the waistband.  What is the proper height for the back crease? And should it go up over the seat of the pants?  Also, regarding dress shirts, what is the proper way to press French cuffs? Folded or open without a crease? When folded and pressed, sometimes the cuff link holes do not line up.   Thanks for your response..

The crease should stop just under the butt and not go up onto the butt at all.

The best was to press French Cuffs is open and without a crease so that when folded over and the holes are lined up the edge of the cuffs show a rounded edge instead of a aharp edge.
There should be no crease across the cuff at right angles to the edge of the cuffs either.


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