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Linda wrote at 2007-05-17 17:29:30
As a female I love men wearing short shorts. I saw a man wearing a pair in the grocery store the other day, they were so short that his bum cheeks were showing a bit. It turned me on!

Paul wrote at 2007-05-27 00:47:21
There is NOTHING wrong with wearing those shorts today. Look at it like this, if there was nothing wrong with them in the 1980's for men to wear them then, there's nothing wrong with wearing them today. Wear them wherever you feel, just not at a formal dinner for obvious reasons!

tomboytommiegirl wrote at 2007-07-20 18:39:58
Any guy of any age should feel PERFECTLY! FREE! to wear short-shorts and nanoshort-shorts ANYPLACE that any female should feel as free to wear the same. Personally; I prefer the totally smooth look on guys - I have ALWAYS kept my legs totally smooth. Girls wear ultra revealing clothes because they want to show-off their bodies to be admired by others. Guys should feel TOTALLY FREE! to do EXACTLY the same. As long as we, as a human race, cannot accept EACH OTHER; AS EQUAL, we have NOT moved beyond the ugliness of a society with dual standards. EQUAL RIGHTS means; JUST THAT! - EQUAL RIGHTS!


jean wrote at 2007-07-24 01:24:54
Short shorts are totally acceptable. Especially if you are a short guy. Bermudas look terrible on short men. If you have waxed muscular legs, it will look great. Listen forget about what those experts say. Be yourself.  I am not sure why it is such a big issue for some people in this country when men wear short shorts or speedos. No problem in Europe.

It is just so annoying that women can basically anything they want and men clothing is so controlled. Be yourself and be free. Some people won't like it and others will.

bearmanoz wrote at 2007-08-16 23:41:18
I think the expert has got it wrong.

Shorts - by their very description, are "short"

And as a wearer of shorts, the shorter, the better!

I concede the point that shaved legs in short shorts can look a bit effeminate .. but then a well muscled masculine leg - even it its natural state - emphasises the masculinity when shorts are worn.

I guess its really up to the wearer to decide how he wants to look... and people who judge other's dress standards by their own should maybe look first at their own wardrobe.

So if you have good legs - wear your shorts as short as you like .. and  -  if you wear no underwear, and "show" a little of what you're really made of, it will further help to emphasise your masculinity (wont it?) .. and again, to heck with what other people think

justdoit wrote at 2007-08-24 02:31:39
I concur with the majority.  Expert smexpert, why allow others to rule or run your life.  You have one life and that is composed of time which is irretrievable once spent.  If not immoral or illegal do what you like and live according to your desires where possible.  Wear your short shorts, I know I do.  If you have good looking legs show them and enjoy the compliments, again I do.

Tallnfunlovin' wrote at 2007-08-28 11:44:21
My Philosophy, BE YOURSELF, I wear super short shorts all the time and I'm not even in that great of shape.  Personally I don't really care what other people think and If wearing short shorts makes you feel good about yourself then you do it stud!

Margret wrote at 2007-09-22 21:43:02
I've seen one man that wears very short shorts

as he walks by every day. He has incredible sexy

legs and I love when he has his shirt off. I have

even invited friends over to see him walk by and

they yell and whistle at him. Keep wearing those

skimpy little things!

george64 wrote at 2007-10-13 11:45:55
I for one love to see a guy in really short shorts with good tanned legs.  If you got it show it off!

Phil wrote at 2007-12-29 17:02:18
If you feel comfortable in short shorts by allmeans wear them.I myself wear the 4"inseam ones.I have had my full legs lasered.I don't really care what people think.I'm comfortable with both.I have had pretty good comments about my legs.Mostly from women.I am over 60.I say go for it.Show off your legs.

Bobby wrote at 2008-02-02 23:56:52
I am a 53 year old guy who also likes wearing short running type shorts. I also limit my times wearing short shorts in public when I go to the grocery store, or local c-store because I am self conscious what people may think. I don't like wearing regular shorts that most men wear because they don't feel as comfortable as short running shorts. So despite what people may think of me wearing short nylon running shorts and exposing my legs when I am in public the heck with them.

If you are like me, wear whatever you like, it's your business as long as you are comfortable.

mike wrote at 2008-02-06 00:29:22
I live in Florida with tropical summers.My 3.5" or 4" inseam shorts are just the ticket.So cool and comfortable plus the added benefit of a tan.I know I am in the small minority but so what.At least I am comfortable enough in my own skin not to have any insecurities about wearing them.

klsk8r wrote at 2008-05-07 16:15:53
Good for you.

Congratulations for living "outside the box".

Since Nike took control of dictating what we wear and how we're suppose to look, everyone has gotten used to the fact all men must dress like a basketball player or somethings wrong with him.

Guys have always wore short shorts before Nike and they should. In fact in the early days of Nike, the shorts were short.

Wear what you want. Do what you want. Continue to be an individual.

Chris wrote at 2008-05-26 18:15:55
I'm a 23 year old straight male. I love wearing short shorts (2" or less inseam). I have a bubble butt and tanned, smooth, and muscular legs, which I love showing off. I get compliments all the time from men and women. I have a girlfriend and she likes grabbing my butt when I wear these shorts. They're also very practical for running  and other physical activities.

Chris wrote at 2008-05-26 19:55:09
You should wear those shorter shorts if they really do look good on you. I am a straight 23 year old male who loves wearing really short shorts with an inseam of 2" or less. I have a bubble butt and smooth, tanned, muscular thighs which I love showing off. I have a girlfriend and she loves that my shorts are shorter than hers. She grabs my butt all the time when I wear these.

James wrote at 2008-06-06 18:18:17
I wear 1"-2" inseam shorts (usually cut-offs) to convenience stores and hardware stores often.  I have smooth, tanned and toned legs and also have a bubble butt from lifting weights.  I've received nothing but positive comments from women and one guy in the past couple of years.  "You have great legs", "I like those shorts" and "nice legs" are some examples.  I even wear shorter shorts (no inseam) sometimes later at night or when traveling.  Guys should be able to show some skin, too, especially if they try to stay in shape.  I think most people like seeing girls or guys with sexy legs and a nice butt.  I appreciate those who are willing to take the "risk" of actually admitting it.

Mr. Man wrote at 2008-09-05 19:22:25
Glen, you need to wear your short shorts. You need do do this to show yourself and the rest of the world that we all have the right to wear what we want to wear. I'm not saying you should wear them everywhere all the time - just when you want to. Like you, I'm in great shape. Sometimes I wear longer shorts, sometimes shorter. It depends on how I feel. Usually, I prefer a 4 or 5 inch inseam because I think that looks best on me. When I work out I like a 3 inch inseam. At the beach I wear a sqaure cut water-polo style suit. I wear long shorts on airplanes or at the movies. It's not an all or nothing kind of thing. You get to choose. YOU. Not someone else. It's like this: most of the time I like to have my shirt tucked in. Why, you ask? Who cares?!

KAF wrote at 2008-09-24 21:30:35
I love to wear shorts. Just about any length is good, however I do not like the ones that go mid shin or below the knees.  I think if you are going to wear shorts, then wear shorts; not long pants that are too short.  I love laying outside in shorts & either muscle shirts or no shirt to get a nice tan.  SHORTS FOR MEN ARE GREAT!

Allen wrote at 2009-08-08 13:39:13
I have far more shorts than longs. Cutting the legs off jeans make good use of old pants.  You legs feel better.  Inseams between 3-5 inches are just right.

Pete wrote at 2010-04-07 23:02:11
I have always preferred short shorts, and the current fashion for horrible long baggy things has only confirmed this! I like to wear square leg shorts cut down (neatly, not all frayed & torn) from jeans, 1 to 3 inches inseam. But I think you do need a decent figure to look good in short shorts. Slim legs and trim butt are good. Also I do agree that a man's legs should not be completely shaved like a girl's, but not shaggy like a gorilla either! A bit of judicial shaving & trimming of excess body hair is all that is needed. I hope more men will buck the trend, and show off their nice legs. Please, please, please, if you have a half decent figure and are not afraid to show it off, then get out and about in those GREAT short shorts!  

bmichelem wrote at 2010-07-25 11:57:47
There is a Medical reason for wearing short shorts...

Vitamin D!

I seem to have virtually no arthritic problems in the summer vs winter.  (Except an occasional weather front.)

As you age, it is imperative that you build up your Vitamin D levels for Orthopedic reasons.  Diet is  important to.

I am also concerned to see if more testicular cancers arise, due to the overheating of testicles?

Last note and one worth exploring...

Do hotter sperm dictate Gender specific?

All in all, more people who possess closed minds, are the ones who will contract these sort of illnesses.


Mikie wrote at 2010-11-06 14:42:39
I am a straight 54 year old man who for most of my life have worn short shorts with 1 1/2 to 3 1/2" inseams. It's much cooler in the summer and you get a much nicer tan line. I am not modest, but reaching mid-age I realize that I shouldn't wear those short shorts any more so I have changed to wearing levi 511 (low rise) skinny jean cut off shorts neatly hemmed to a more modest 5" inseam that feels to me to be more age appropriate. But for all you other guys, you may get ridiculed for too short of shorts but don't change a thing - I'd like to see the style come back as a fashion... In my teen years I wore short cut-off shorts and we used to tear the side seams up to the pocket rivet just below the waistband to show off a little more!!!!

Mikie wrote at 2010-11-06 15:18:08
I know I just commented, but I want to say a little more on the matter. I saw a guy at the airport not too long ago wearing daisy-duke short shorts and that didn't look right at all. Too short is too short, leave those really short shorts for the women. I have always liked to wear shorts with an inseam long enough to cover and never expose any butt cheek but short enough to tan the legs well up the upper thigh. I have always been slender and still have a flat stomach and a very small butt, even at the age of 54. I wear shorts for work 3" above the knee, and everywhere else I wear 5" total inseam shorts (The shorts are Low Rise Levi 511 cut off jeans - Hemmed) and generally go gastapo! Yes - the women look! And I am comfortable wearing them everywhere (where shorts are appropriate).

Steve K. wrote at 2010-11-28 02:30:10
I am so happy to see that other guys like to wear short shorts also!  I work out very hard to stay in shape so i can wear thongs to the beach and short shorts to the gym and other places.  I get good and bad comments. Usually good from the women and bad from the men.  

David C wrote at 2011-01-23 07:25:05
It great to see men open up and let your self be who you are and not hide becouse you think what people will say it ok to wear what you fill like wearing. I was wearing short shorts in the 80 i need to find some more and just have not found them they are hard to find. Have fun be your self and good luck.

CMC wrote at 2011-03-01 22:16:26
Well Mikie, I disagree.  I don't think that the really short shorts should be left to the women.  I wear my shorts at the shorter margin of what people call daisy dukes, or even shorter. Most of my shorts have an inseam in the range of 3/4 - 1" and are angled up toward the sides so that the side seam is 2 - 3" higher than the crotch.  A bit of bare bottom inevitably shows even if I tug at the hem.  Regardless of what other people think or say (complements or ridicule - I occasionally get both) I will continue to wear them - even in winter!  By the way I am older than you and have naturally smooth, almost hairless legs.

Mark wrote at 2012-02-28 03:38:12
It is refreshing to see that guys can wear short shorts and feel good.  I wear short shorts with ASU printed on my butt.  I have a nice shaped butt and the ladies seem to like it too !

Long live the short shorts !

Stevie wrote at 2014-04-26 02:54:07
I am so glad I read this site before any others. I've actually found myself feeling a little like a pervert the last few years. I am 54 but I have a 20 something body. I love wearing short shorts.Why not?? Sexy, smooth tanned legs look great on anyone. I have never feared my sexuality and I am so glad that there are others that feel like me! Thanks.

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