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Hi, I have read a lot about these types of devices and the benefits that they claim to offer. I was thinking I would order one and did not want to ask my doctor about it first (rather embarrassed, even though I know I should). Figured why not ask an expert instead!

I have read some reputable third party sources and studies that report users have seen good results.

They say it can help with curvature, and that it has "shown efficacy in lengthening" as well.

Here is one of the brands they mention on their site:

I know that there a lot of sketchy affiliate sites that push these products, but I found this one interesting because it does not appear to recommend this brand for profit.

I have more links from my research if you would like. But before I order one, do you think they actually work? Are they really surgery-free alternatives to curvature and enlargement?

Thanks in advance!


Peyronie's Disease is only truly corrected through surgery and I believe traction therapy is a way of preventing scar tissue from building up, so that's a rare exception to the rule. It does NOT help "extend" length or size or anything like that. And there have been mounds of urological evidence on this subject from reputable sources that I've gleaned and I can surmount with full recommendation that there is NO such thing as penile lengthening. You are born with what you have and there's no changing that. The concept of lengthening your penis is tantamount to torture and to be honest pure bullshit. I would never subject myself nor tell my clients, friends, or family members to do something like that to themselves because of the risk of tissue destruction and simply because anatomically speaking even if you could "stretch" your skin-could you "grow" new nerve endings and blood vessels? No, it doesn't exist, so save your money and treat yourself and your lover to a beautiful dinner and quiet night on the town instead of some medieval torture device.

Peace my friend,


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