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My boyfriend refuses to see a doctor so I'm trying to get some info for him. His unusual/new symptoms are:
-unable to tell if he ejaculated or not
-when ejaculating multiple times, 2nd or 3rd has a higher volume of ejaculate
-testicles started moving up during arousal/intercourse
-while straining with a vowel movement, he had a feeling like he had an orgasm and noticed that he had ejaculated a little bit.
He denied any pain or tenderness.


With the exception of the first issue ALL of those issues are normal. Usually men CAN tell if they've ejaculated unless there's some issue of numbness. So do you two use condoms? Are they to tight? Do you use special lubricants? The kind that tingles? Men who experience multiple ejaculations usually do have stronger orgasms after the first and it's more than likely to have higher ejaculate volume than the first go around. When testicles move during intercourse, it means that the are going from a relaxation mode (away from the body) closer in to the body to generate more semen for preparation for orgasm. When testicles move inwards it creates a shorter path for sperm to travel along the Vas Deferens. After sex, when men urinate or even deficate, any pressure placed on or around the prostate gland may create the "sensation" of a pleasure or a false orgasm, which may or may not push excess semen out of the urethra.

Any more questions?


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