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yellowish discoloration with spots
yellowish discoloratio  
Hi..I have had this whitish yellow discoloration on my penis for about 10months now. 4 months back,I noticed few scaly growth on the affected area. I hope this is not something as serious as penile cancer. The spots and discoloration do not itch or pain.I have applied hydroxyl but it doesnt work? What maybe the cause of this?


I have a large brown spot on my glans as well, so I should first point out that color changes can be very common in guys. With that said, this should be something you bring up with your dermatologist as they will track those changes for the rest of your life. Color changes are mostly permanent as melanin (the skin pigment) can make permanent changes to your skin tone for seemingly no reason whatsoever; it just happens. Be mindful of the size of the spot, the color, if it spreads to other areas, and if you notice that it raises above the surface of the skin-as these are all possible signs of melanoma. I get checked once a year and you should too! Let me know if you have follow up.



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