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Men`s Rights/she chears and she is fillng for a divorce?


W wrote at 2012-12-01 21:00:14
I will add YES that your spouse has proven untrustworthy.  Do not be caught in the trap of trusting your spouse because she currently "IS" spouse and OUGHT to be trusted, AS I DID.  The spouse has proven NOT spouse and NOT trustworthy.  I did not retain an attorney BECAUSE I WAS UNABLE and trusted THE SPOUSE.  I found MANY of the issues THAT CAME UP LATER were ones THAT person entrusted to a lawyer who advised IN A WAY SO AS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OR ESCAPE RESPONSIBILITY OR FOR GAIN AND NOT IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF BOTH PARTIES.  The spouse was untrustworthy and issues never dreamed of were covered by the spouse-husband and the lawyer of the spouse and do NOT let anything "slide" YOU THINK MIGHT BE TROUBLESOME BUT "NOTHING" AND "NOT WORTH IT" TO TALK ABOUT.  Show EVERYTHING to the attorney.<3+W  

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