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How do you dispute child support payments when the situation is that you were sending money for care of your child direct to the mother and that part of the child life was spent in your home and attending school while living with you? The mother collected public assistance for child without your knowledge from another state now they want you to repay the money she collected from them.

Dear Valerie,
I've seen this situation before and I will tell you it's tough, but it is possible to make your case.  The problem most folks run into is having kept the proof.  If the money to care for the child was given in cash, you probably will not be able to come up with any proof for that time frame, but most folks are not that trusting . . . so look for receipts, cancelled checks, cashed money orders, what ever was used to "send" the money.  Most folks do not send cash.  Now, as for the time the child was with the parent that is being asked to repay, there should be school records, medical records, anything that proves which parent was the "custodial parent" at that time.  A paper trail is necessary.  Most judges and or states will look at the paper.  If the parent collected assistance and was not providing for the child, that can be a criminal matter.
I hope this helps and I hope the responsible parent has the paperwork to prove their support.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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