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we separated 4 times this year and tbis last time I refused to lea e she lied and won a pfa even with the proof that I had that it was all a lie. she forged my signature on a check that was made out to me only and the police will do nothing. Because of her dads connection I lost my job I had gotten another but lost that job tbrough the last separation because we only have one driveable vehicle no transportation to get to work. Her boyfriend has harassed me and I ha e several police reports and still they do nothing. I have no money and every one I call noone can help me they say............can you please belp me? she has my kids and I can prove that she don't take care of them. She took all my money my car and our house. she throughout all my clothes once kept parts of my computer broke the rest of it and no one is helping me. Where is justice ?

Dear Robert,
Our system is flawed enough that sometimes justice eludes the victims.  My suggestion is two-fold.  Since she has an order against you, don't push that, regardless of the truth or lack of it.  The order will stand and be used against you if you do not follow it.  I believe you need to get some place and get a job, even if it's a bit of distance right now.  I understand the transportation issue, so perhaps in a city with public transportation for now.  If her family is well connected and providing assistance, you will not be able to fight that without some credible stability.  I realize you are angry and feel victimized, but blaming them will not cause you to be heard in court regarding your children.
I'm including a link regarding divorce information for Maryland, as that's where your question is posted to have come from.  If you have not been separated for a year and your wife has a boyfriend and you were forced out, perhaps filing on grounds of adultery is an option.  If you were forced out, at least you cannot be accused of abandonment.
I truly believe you need to get to a large enough city to have public transportation and perhaps a homeless shelter, if needed.  You can survive this and go back armed with information as to how to be heard in court.
I wish you well.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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