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Can you check this website?

I am a European that lives in the United States and the following facts about the United States are true?  That is what other Europeans who live in the United States and Americans who are raised by European parents have told me.

I hope that you do not find this offensive as an American. There are good American women to.

I told am American man how you could determine if an American woman can be trusted, because European women in the United States can determine that better than me a European man. I had American man telling me that 90 percent of American women can not be trusted, because European have explain this to him.


I am an American, but I am Jewish and of Native ancestry, so I may have a different opinion than those of European ancestry.  As a rule, I do not trust women in America.  I find most of them to be rather gossipy, back biting, and very materialistic.  I have a rule of thumb . . . I don't break confidences and I listen to how someone speaks to me about another person who is not present at that time.  I know that is how they will talk about me, when I'm not there.
It is a hard cold fact of life in America.
Sorry, but I'd rather give an honest warning than set you up.
I wish you well in your endeavor.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz  

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I can answer questions regarding G~d given rights of men. As a woman, I can answer many questions regarding the destructiveness of feminism, both to men and women. I cannot answer what it is to be a man in a time in this world in which men have been discounted and disrespected.


minister, counseled men regarding divorce, 'abuse accusations,' court ordered, anger management. Actually was removed from YWCA volunteer list for my belief in the Bible and support of men, rather than feminism.

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