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My minister came to church with the announcement his wife
has filed for divorce.  He has tried and tried to keep the
marriage.  No such thing.
   Half of marriages fail.  More women initiate divorce
than men do.
    Is this a women thing?
It seems men are discounted and disrespected.
This may not be good for society because later on inlife there's
a shortage of men. ( Millions of women trying to make it on
their own)
     Do judges and counselors recognize this?

Dear Dick,

I can't speak for gender specifics regarding marriage and divorce, because it does take two to make or break a relationship.  The one filing may not be solely at fault, but rather has reached their limit, or what they perceive to be an irreconcilable issue.  The party that didn't file, is not necessarily a victim of circumstances, either.  I'm not making excuses for either gender, but none of us truly knows what goes on behind the closed doors in a marriage.

As for judges and counselors recognizing the trend, I think many of the social issues are about money and control.  Our government seems to be reeling toward a society in which everyone is dependent.  

The practical matter is, every time a house is divided, both parties really never recoup the loss.  It's been my experience that most people really do not move on, but rather just drag new people into the mix.  One of the biggest problems I see with our society and the divorce rate, is people really don't build a life together anymore.  With credit and a non-agrarian society, people do not have to work together to survive.  

This may sound trite, but people need to get back to a bit more simplicity of lifestyle and harder physical work.  I am sorry for what your pastor is going through.  Seems divorce is becoming more prevalent in the church, but the reality is, fewer people outside of religion are getting married, so the stats do seem ominous.

I will pray for your pastor and the congregation as y'all minister to him.

Kind Regards,
KD Liz  

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