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Mercedes/smart key


Stlbob4904 wrote at 2009-09-08 08:56:39
You cannot reprogram a smart key once it has been programmed to another fact, it is a total nightmare to get a requires taking the title to a MB dealership along with your (matching name) driver license and ordering it directly from them...these people selling replacement or used smart keys on eBay are just ripping people off...believe me, I used CLK55 AMG came with just one key...I can't imagine the nightmare had I lost that makes me cringe just thinking about it...

Pat wrote at 2015-11-14 01:36:13
11/13/15 MB quote today for new smart key: $320. I ask the parts manager why a Chevy smart key was $70. And the MB was $320. His response, "cause it's a Mercedes." Well, MB I hoping you are reading this. I will not buy a key from you- my rear is sore just thinking about that key. Further, I will never buy another Mercedes-Benz. Here's a shocker for you, there are several other luxury automobile manufacturers that are hungry for business.


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