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What's the difference between

1/ A firm
2/ A company
3/ A corporation
4/ A conglomerate?

I don't need an academic answer. It's not for formal research. Just a very general one will do, just one line for each type.

Many thanks for your time,

Paul Murphy,
London, UK.


I will give you an answer based on US law.  Different countries sometimes use the same terms somewhat differently. Since you are in the UK, you may want to direct this question to a UK lawyer

1. A firm has no clearly defined meaning.  The term is often used interchangeably with the term "business". It might refer to a partnership, corporation, or any other business entity.

2. Likewise, a company has no clearly defined meaning and can apply to any kind of business. Often, when someone refers to a company they mean a corporation, but not always.

3. A corporation is a specific type of business entity formed under an applicable state statute. However, their various types of corporations formed under different statutes depending upon the state. For example, there are business corporations, professional service corporations, medical service corporations, and not-for-profit corporations, to name a few.

4. A conglomerate is a business entity (usually a corporation) that operates a number of distinct, unrelated businesses under one umbrella. Conglomerates became a popular investment strategy in the 1960s, but have largely fallen out of favor. Wikipedia has a nice short article that describes the concept behind conglomerates.

I hope this helps.

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