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What does it mean if when alone with a guy, he stares into your eyes and smiles? What does it mean if a guy keeps finding ways to touch you? What does it mean when you are staring at each other and dont look away but smiles? What does it mean if a guy keeps looking at you even if you like someone else and he knows it? What does it mean if a guy who is social acts shy around you?

Hi Jessica,

The staring, touching and smiling you've described are indicators of attraction and romantic interest.

Guys tend to frequently look at women they find attractive regardless of the woman's relationship status.

A normally social guy that becomes shy around you can mean one of two things:

1) The guy likes you and is being self-conscious or
2) The guy knows you like him, but the feelings are not mutual so he tones down his social behavior so as to not lead you on.


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