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I was stood there once with my brother and this person we had a meeting with came up and said hello to my brother and then he came over to me and said hello in a v v soft way, he looked at my face and then my breasts and then the rest of my body, when the meeting was over he shook my hands and looked at my legs, I had to speak to him on the phone and he once again spoke very gently and softly and this is not normal for him

is it something or nothing

best wishes

Thank you for resubmitting your question as public.  

Guys are very good at looking at areas they are sexually attracted to without being caught doing so.  For him to let you see him browse your breast and body, is very telling.  He wanted to let you know he finds you sexually attractive.

Speaking in a soft voice is also an indicator of sexual interest.

So, it is something.  He is very sexually attracted to you.


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