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Hello AGM
I really need your expertise.

Some time ago I notice my friend's boyfriend looking a me. One day I finally decided to look back to see if it was true and it was. After awhile, We started to get really strange near each other. He is also a good friend of my boyfriend. Even though I would still caught him looking at me, always having his body turned at me (not his girlfriend), we had some eye contact, and on purpose touches. I started to enjoy that (if I was getting the signal right) and I notice that I my have feelings for him.

After awhile, I think we notice it was not going to lead us anywhere, so we started to pushing each other away, felling weird. I notice that I got really different with him. I was not sure if he was flirting with me or not so I started to treat him the same way I treat our other friends. Actually I even more playful with the other than with him, and I avoid being alone with him.

The thing is that now, I see him looking at me, find his body turned at me, once we sit for a cup of coffee and he couldn't stop touching his hair, smiling at me while talking, but when I trie to look at his eyes he can't handle for long (when we are talking), When we are without our mates, he is always sitting in front of me or by my side, walking so close to me that we keep bumping each other. When standing up, his body is in my direction, when we are setting between friends he crosses his legs and his feet is always pointing at me, BUT he is avoiding at all circumstance that I touch him. I kind feel that he get's uncomfortable. Sometimes we make an eye contact and he turn his eyes away, like he is afraid of looking at me.

I'm at a point that I don't know what it is happening. Is he interest but is trying to get away of his feeling because of our girl/boyfriends? Is he afraid? Or am I a completely lunatic trying to convince myself that there is something there? And if it really has, there is a big chance that he is going to battle this away, isn't it?

Why can't be the same I was next to him anymore? Have I misunderstand all?

When his girlfriend is near, he seems to be very lovely with her, touching her, hugging her, complimenting her... But as soon she is far from him, I notice all this different reaction towards me.

I also notice that he is being doing a lot of things on weekends so he can't meet us (the group).

Is he trying to run away from his feelings or is he trying to "tell" me: stop, I don't like u. I'm so confused! Am I sending wrong signal? Is he feeling suffocated?

Thank you

Body language can signal attraction and liking, as this guy is clearly signaling (subconsciously)...but....

...we all have willpower and the ability to set boundaries.  He may not be able to control his attraction to you but he CAN control whether or not he cheats.  It seems that is what he is doing.  It seems he has put up a boundary to you.  

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