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Gavin Appleby wrote at 2014-03-17 14:24:59
I have since found out who the singer was on the bootleg Metallica album "Metal Militia". It was of course, Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, singer for that very fine American heavy metal band, Jag Panzer. The song "Battlezones" was sold by them on the "Tyrants" ep and the "Ample Destruction" album.


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Metallica! What can I say? I have followed these boys from the underground .. to being the Gods of Heavy Metal! Lol.., I know thier influences, as they have been my own.. I know them, and thier music. Not that I know everything... but you would be suprised at what you learn after awhile.. Groupie ... No! Devoted fan... ;)


Experience goes back to the day when I first heard Metal Militia on the "NLTL" demo... lol. I still have that tape! That was the first song I ever heard from them... then saw them at the Whiskey ... Raw,unpolished (at least compared to what they would become!), Several concerts... Fandom... lol, Still at 40- something... Amazing... And knowing we/ they are human.... for 4 men of Rock and Roll, a hard thing to admit! To meet... accept and stare down! Not deny... but push the limits. The trick is to never grow too old..
In the heart! :) They are the heart of Metal, then and now.... Looked up to by many... equaled by few...

Metclub :)

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