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Will aluminum wheels loose any strength if subjected to the powder coating process?  We normally heat up the wheel to 420 degrees F for 10-15 minutes, pull out of the oven and coat hot. We then put back in the oven at 400 deg. F to bake for 10-15 minutes. Our concern is that we weaken or stress the aluminum during this process to the point that it is unsafe to use?  Also, is all aluminum automotive wheels made of the same or similar alloy and does size, 18-22 inch wheel matter for this process?  We are a custom coating job shop and have no control of what is brought to us.  Our customers just want it coated a certain color.  We would like to be able to help them, but not if it puts their safety at risk.

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ANSWER: Dear Scott,
Please tell me the grade of aluminum alloy to answer your quarry.

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Here lies part of the problem, I don't know.  We get people that bring in stock wheels and aftermarket wheels from all different manufacturers.  I was hoping you you could tell me what alloy automotive "Aluminum" wheels are made from? Is there a mark we could look for that would identify the alloy?  Is there some inexpensive way of determining the type of aluminum they are made of?

I am sorry for being so vague in my response.  I know about the coating process that we do to the wheels, but not much about the wheels themselves.

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Dear Scott,
No, never.Powder coating increase the life of wheel,why?
1) Coating material acts as a barrier on against corrosive environment(salt/alkali/acidic water/mud when automobile is on road)
2) Any corrosive material will first attack coating not aluminum of wheel.
3)It increases the life of wheel more than double provided you donot damage wheel by mechanical damages/accidents etc
Go Green! with coatiing.


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