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Metallurgy/detect and separate iridium etc. from gold


i am in jewellery business.
now a days mixing of iridium etc in gold jewellery and other items has increased a lot.

such gold when refined does not refines properly.hand made jewellery cannot be made by it as it is generally heterogenous and breaks when wire is drawn out of it.

we need a method to detect the presence,calculate its percentage in gold and to remove it completely from it.

Metal detection is possible by Spark Alloy Elements Quantometer, also a simple method could be used: density measurement, As you know iridium is the second-densest element in the world (22.5 g/cm3), therefore by measuring the sample density and comparing with gold density (19.3 g/cm3) it could be find out that is there any iridium in sample or not. separation is possible by melting. The melting point of Gold is 1064 C, however iridium will melt at 2466 C.  


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