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Metallurgy/alcohol and brass


Hello there,
I have an idea to use brass or bronze to make a bottle to perfume and cologne which also has alcohol, do you know or have any idea what the alcohol will do to the brass or bronze?

I also though about fragrance oils inside of a perfume bottle made of brass, either way, will doing that hurt people? what damage will doing that cause my brass bottle?

If there is damage, is there a way I can prevent it? can I coat the bottle with something to withstand the alcohol? Thanks!

as an example we consider one of the most applicable alcohol: ethanol. It is proved that Brass and ethanol don't react together.
In the case of bronze I could not find any research about this matter. However you can examine by yourself. Immerse a bronze to a bottle of ethanol for about 30 days and then check the change in weight and change in visual appereance.  


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