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Metallurgy/high temp piping


I am making a down draft gasifacation boiler, inn the final combustion chamber temps can reach 2500-3200 degrees the gas the turns 90 degrees and enters 5 two inch heat exchanging pipes, the heated gas will reverse direction three times in order to capture most of heat before exiting the flue pipe, my problem is when the nheated gas enters the first pipes just after final combustion what kind of pipe will I need to use for this unit to last many years. now all the pipes will be bathed in water of course but I fear the lower piping my fail. Please help.
Mike Robertrs

Dear Michal,
You want some material who takes up your gases at 90*C/under water/Corrosion resistance and cost effective.So, you can go comfortably with alloy- 304L tubes preferably seamless.Wish you all success in your experiment.
Warm Regards,


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