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Metallurgy/location of test coupons according with ASME


Dear counterparts!
Please, help us with the location of test coupons for SA-266 quenched and tempered forgings. According to  p. specification ASME SA-266 « For hollow forgings, the longitudinal axis of the specimens shall be located midway between the center and outer surfaces of the wall».
In ASME SA-266, SA-788 and SA-370 there is no information about the location of the specimens regarding to the height of quenched and tempered forgings.  Can we take the specimens directly near the quenched surface or we should use a thermal buffer?  And in which ASME document can we get this information?
Thank you in advance for your help!

As you know the aim of test on quenched and tempered forging is to find out the effect of heat treatment on sample, so it is not acceptable to take the specimens directly near the quenched surface. Because that surface could not be as nominate of whole surface.
It is simple, you should take samples at middle of sample.  


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