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Dear Sir,
        I have question regarding stainless steel 904L .For welding of SS 904L esp SMAW eletrode prescribed is E 385-16 which was matching rod.My doubt is if we do welding with E385-16 then after welding microstructure is complete austenite .
So how hot cracking will be controlled as
it is complete austenite structure and
also cr/ni equivalent comes less than 1.5
Ferrite no also is 0 ,but generally it should be in b/w 3-8 FN

The qualified electrode is 1554.6 in order to welding of Grade 904L.Care needs to be taken as this grade solidifies fully austenitic, so is susceptible to hot cracking, particularly in constrained weldments.
if maximum corrosion resistance is required, this material should either be welded with an over-alloyed consumable such as a 625 or solution annealed after welding.


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Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology: Optimization of process variables and corrosion properties of a multi layer silica sol gel coating on AZ91D using the Box–Behnken design Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology:High temperature oxidation resistance and corrosion properties of dip coated silica coating by sol gel method on stainless steel

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