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Hello sir good day to you.
I am umang vadodaria from Gujarat and is interested to start manufacturing aluminium ingots. therefore am into some researches.
I have queries- If we want to manufacture aluminium alloy lets say 6063. then do we have to add it's alloy or the scrap itself contains the alloy we just need to melt in furnace.? and what for all the alloys.

And can we cast aluminium in quantity by sand casting (10 tons approx) and how.?

Where is ingot used in an automobile.? Also i need some general information further. So can i call at your time.?

Thanking you
umang vadodaria

Dear Umang,
you can't make 6063 from scrap as alloying elements are having very less percentage e.g Silico=0.4-1.2%. Scrap has many other undesired composition.You can make other grades like ADC-12,LM-6,LM-4, AC2B etc
You can cast 10 ton from sand casting.These days Gravity and pressure die casting are more popular.In sand casting you need silica sand,binder,patterns and melting furnace. Molten aluminium is poured into the sand mould and you will get castings after metal gets solidified.Ingots are used for making castings and these castings can be of automobile components.You need to make A-360,ADC-12&LM-6,these three grades are more popular.
Alloys have different properties and based upon desired property alloy is selected.
Hope things are in line with your requirement.


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