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Metallurgy/Composite Aluminium Material


I'm an aerospace undergraduate and was wondering, given your background in metallurgy with Aluminium, if you could tell me how an Aluminium, Silicon, Silver, Iron composite material:

1. Would be made
2. What technology would be required
3. What companies have the technology to complete such an order.

Dear Methew,
There is not much to think here as Al-Si-Fe alloys are already in practice.Before I answer you question, following inputs are required from you;
1) What composition you are aiming at
2) What application you want/expect from this composition of composite.
3) What mechanical properties you are looking at
4) Is cost a factor to consider here.
5) Based on above inputs, I may suggest you some equivalent cheaper alloy that may meet your requirement.
6) In what shape(ingots/castings/sheet/wrought log/any other) you want to meet your order
Waiting for inputs,
Warm Regards,


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